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Please Note:

The CADE Clinic is not an emergency service and cannot offer urgent appointments or crisis intervention.

The CADE Clinic provides advice regarding the diagnoses and management of mood disorders solely for clinical and research purposes. It does not provide assessments for legal purposes, insurance determinations, Centrelink claims or academic exemptions. 


Purpose of the CADE Clinic

The CADE Clinic provides one-off clinical assessments and opinions for adults (aged 18 - 64) with Depression and Bipolar Disorder (mood disorders). The clinic aims to:
  • Clarify your mood disorder diagnosis
  • Provide advice in the form of a second opinion to your referring doctor to better manage your medication and treatment.


How to make an appointment at the CADE Clinic:

  • Fax your GP's/Psychiatrist's referral along with your contact details to (02) 9926 4063.
  • The referral must make it clear that you are requesting a ‘opinion and assessment'. Please note the CADE clinic cannot offer continuing management - this will remain with whomsoever makes the referral to the clinic.
  • If you are suitable for an appointment - the clinic will contact you to discuss the next available appointment date. Please note that you must make the appointment yourself and consent to attending - we cannot discuss appointment matters with family members.
  • Once a suitable appointment time has been identified a follow up email will be sent to you advising you of the appointment details. At this point it is essential that you confirm that you accept this appointment by simply replying to the email.
  • If for whatever reason an appointment cannot be offered, a letter will be sent back to your referring doctor.


Before your appointment:

After you have confirmed your appointment via email, you will be sent a pack of questionnaires in the mail for you to complete and bring to your appointment.


On the day:

Consultations are bulk-billed by Medicare. You must have a valid Medicare card and bring this along to your appointment. Failure to do so will result in your appointment being cancelled.


Your assessment will usually take approximately 4 hours that includes a comprehensive clinical assessment by a consultant psychiatrist covering:
- relevant medical history
- family medical history
- past mood episodes
- current and past treatments
- social factors
- any other information that may be relevant

And may include:
• A blood test
• Psychological questionnaires that will assist with confirming your diagnosis.

Your appointment at the CADE Clinic will give you a refined diagnosis, management suggestions (concerning medications and psychological treatment) and advice.. The Psychiatrist will write to your referring doctor following the consultation, outlining suggested management and treatment options.


Communication with the CADE Clinic:

Please fax to 02 9926 4063.



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